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Terms of use

Effective Date: November 20, 2020


Welcome to Angelchat. Thank you for using our app. By using our service, you agree to these Terms, including the Privacy Policy, which is incorporated by reference. Please read them carefully.






1. Applicability, scope etc.




These terms of use apply between Angelchat AB, Swedish company registration number 556206-5014, ("Angelchat AB") and the customer who registers as an Account Holder ("Account Holder") regarding Angelchat's provision of Account ("Account") and related services on the Account Holder technical platform provided by Angelchat through iOS applications and Android (the "App") and on the website




Through the App, individuals can be matched with others who seek, or provide, support within the same problem area to obtain a contact in the form of a text, voice or video chat ("Chat"), as well as anonymously share information about different conditions and their symptoms. The Account Holder may also publish a written description of the person's profile and symptoms under the Individual Account before the Chat starts. When the Chat starts, the Account Holder can more fully describe his / her condition to the counterparty, who in turn can share his or her experiences to provide support and suggest actions.




Angelchat is only a technical service provider to the Account Holder, and Angelchat should in no way be regarded as a provider of care. The agreement concluded between the Account Holder and Angelchat is therefore only to be considered as a service agreement regarding the provision of a technical solution. For clarification, it is stated that Angelchat bears no responsibility whatsoever for the support or other services (or the quality thereof) performed in the context of a Chat.




The account holder enters into an agreement with Angelchat by creating an Account, according to the instructions on the App ("Agreement"). The agreement shall be considered signed when the Account Holder has registered Account in the App. By such registration, the Account Holder thus accepts these terms of use.




The Account Holder is responsible for ensuring that the contact details provided at the signing of the Agreement are correct and undertakes to keep his profile on the App updated and up to date throughout the contract period. Any changes should be notified to Angelchat without delay via the live chat on our web site.




These contract terms, as well as instructions, policies and other information about the service are available in the App.


2. General Account and App




Signing of Account and Registration of Account and subsequent login requires that the customer has a Facebook, Google or Apple account for identification and is at least eighteen (18) years old to provide help and thirteen (13) years old to seek help.




The Account Holder is responsible for any action taken when using the Account. An Account may only be used by the user on which the Account is registered and may not be transferred or transferred to anyone else. Angelchat is not responsible for any third party misuse of Account or for the consequences and possible damages thereof.




The Account Holder is responsible for the Account being used in accordance with the Agreement, other terms stated in the App and at any time applicable law. The Account Holder is solely responsible for the information it publishes on or through the App and is therefore solely responsible for the content therein.




By opening an Account in the App, the Account Holder confirms and accepts the technical specifications, conditions and limitations of the App as stated in Angelchat's applicable service and product descriptions regarding the App, which are available in the App.




By opening an Account in the App, the Account Holder confirms and accepts that the specified contact information can be used by Angelchat to contact the Account Holder via email and notice sending information and offers. The account holder has the right to deregister specifically for this communication. Angelchat is obliged, without delay, to approve the Account Holder's request when it is registered with Angelchat.




Content published or provided by Angelchat in the App is not intended to be used in lieu of a doctor, psychologist or psychiatrist's assessment, diagnosis or treatment for any illness. Use of the App is only a complement to standard care, and is intended as an aid to provide effective support to Account Holders. Angelchat bears no responsibility whatsoever as a healthcare provider.




Due to the technical design of the service, the App and the service are limited to certain specific categories, which are specified and extended in the App at any given time.


3. Prices and payment




Prices and fees for premium services via the App, and any other applicable prices are stated at any time regarding the price list, which is provided in the App.




Payment for premium services through the App is made exclusively through the App Store and Google Play.


4. Angelchat's responsibility




With the restrictions set out in this paragraph 4, Angelchat is responsible for the App:


(a) is available in accordance with paragraphs 4.3 to 4.6 below; and


b) stores and provides the Account Holder's symptom description and other information uploaded by the Account Holder.




Angelchat is responsible for maintaining such oversight and responsibility for the App as a result of Act (2002: 562) on electronic commerce and other information society services and Act (2005: 59) on distance contracts and agreements outside business premises. Angelchat is not responsible for data loss.




Angelchat is not responsible for content linked to or from the App.




Angelchat's ambition is for the App to continuously have high availability. Account holders should be provided a reasonable opportunity to be able to visit the Account and the App during all hours of the day. The Account Holder is chatting with other Users through the opportunities provided on the App. The app including Chats is provided as above, with allowance for allowable interruptions such as, but not limited to, scheduled and in the App notified maintenance or interruptions.




Angelchat is not responsible for any interruptions in availability caused by:


a) errors in the Account Holder's hardware / equipment, connecting networks, Account Holder's software or software errors that constitute a third party product and which Angelchat, despite Angelchat's attempting to rectify or circumvent, cannot remedy;


b) other circumstances for which the Account Holder is responsible under the Agreement;


c) virus or other attack on security which, despite the fact that Angelchat has taken protective measures in a professional manner; or


(d) circumstances constituting force majeure as referred to in paragraph 9 below.




Angelchat is solely responsible for the operation of the App including the provision of Chats between Account Holder and Users and associated services, such as the storage of information and other information provided in the App by Angelchat. Angelchat is not responsible for any action, care, information or recommendation that the User provides to the Account Holder in Chats via the App.




Interruptions or errors in the App's availability should be reported without delay to Angelchat’s customer service.




Errors will primarily be corrected through error recovery, if this can be done without unreasonable cost or inconvenience to Angelchat. Angelchat is entitled to rectify the error at its own expense, provided that this can be done within a reasonable time and without significant inconvenience to the Account Holder. If error recovery cannot be executed,, the Account Holder is entitled to a reasonable price deduction and, with the following restrictions, compensation for any proven, direct damage.




Angelchat is not responsible for any errors due to the Account Holder or any relationship for which the Account Holder is responsible. Furthermore, Angelchat is not responsible for any form of personal injury or other consequences, which may be the result, directly or indirectly, of the use or misuse of information provided, presented in or referred to in the App. Angelchat's liability is in any case limited to liability for proven, direct damage and to a maximum amount equivalent to ten thousand (10,000). Angelchat is therefore not liable for consequential damages, non-profits, non-expected savings and / or other indirect damages.


5. Intellectual property rights etc.




Ownership, copyright and all other rights to Angelchat's trademark, company, and App and all documents used and / or provided by Angelchat in the App, such as but not limited to these General Customer Terms, belong to Angelchat (or where applicable Angelchat's licensor) with exclusive rights . Angelchat thus reserves the exclusive right to use the above material. Any copying, modification, transfer and / or other use of Angelchat's materials not expressly permitted by the Agreement or Angelchat's instructions from time to time is prohibited. The Account Holder confirms and accepts that the unauthorized use of Angelchat's intellectual property rights, in addition to violating the Agreement, may be criminal. Angelchat's reserves the right to take legal action in the event of such unauthorized use of Angelchat's intellectual property rights.




Any intellectual property rights arising as a result of Angelchat's provision of the App and / or other services to the Account Holder shall accrue to Angelchat exclusively. Such exclusive right includes the right to freely change, transfer and transfer such results.


6. Unauthorized use and information




Angelchat seriously considers any unauthorized use of the Account and the App in violation of these Terms and Conditions and / or Angelchat's applicable policies regarding security, ethics and the like. Among other things, it is not allowed to film Chats or in any way distribute such material. Angelchat will proactively take action against established or anticipated unauthorized use of the Account, the App, etc.




Angelchat reserves the right, with prior warning or notice to the Account Holder, at any time without liability for any consequences, to remove information from Appen, close the Account Holder's Account or take other action because The account holder's breach of contract or to protect the App's reputation and reliability. In the event of such suspension Angelchat is also entitled to terminate the Agreement in accordance with clause 8.2 below.




If the Account Holder has violated the Agreement or applicable law, or used the App in an unlawful or unlawful manner, the Account Holder is liable to indemnify and hold Angelchat indemnified for any damages caused by Angelchat (including but not limited to attorney's fees, court costs and any third party claims) .


7. Agreement time and termination




The agreement is valid until the Account Holder has registered an Account with Angelchat. Account holders are always entitled to terminate the Agreement for immediate termination. In the event of such termination, Angelchat shall promptly remove the Closed Account and remove all provided and stored information related to the Account Holder.




Angelchat has the right to terminate the Agreement upon immediate termination if the Account Holder breaches or appears to be in breach of these Agreement Terms or other provisions of the Agreement and for probable reasons and does not within thirty (30) days of written notice thereof. Upon such termination, the Account Holder's Account will be suspended and the Agreement will automatically expire. Information about the Account Holder stored must also be removed promptly.




Account holders who have been suspended from Account in accordance with this paragraph are not entitled to re-register or register a new Account without special permission from Angelchat.


8. Development and change of conditions




Angelchat reserves the right to change the scope and function of the Account and the App. Product and service development may, for example, but not limited to, relate to layout, content, service or functionality and may affect the Agreement. Such changes will be notified via the App and / or email. At any time, the general customer terms and conditions can be obtained in the App.




The Account Holder has the right to terminate the Agreement for immediate termination in the event that Angelchat's change of the App or Agreement is a material disadvantage to the Account Holder.


9. Force Majeure




Angelchat does not make any compensation for damages incurred by a strike, fire, government authority action, labour disputes, accidents, errors or delay by subsidiaries, closures or malfunctions of public communication systems or other circumstances and consequences that are beyond Angelchat’s control, that Angelchat cannot reasonably account for and that Angelchat could neither avoid nor control. In the event a circumstance that falls under this article remain following a period of one (1) month, both parties have the right to terminate the agreement, effective immediately.


10. Messages




The Account Holder must provide the email address and telephone number to which the Account Holder wishes Angelchat to send confirmation, reminder and other messages from time to time. The account holder is obliged to notify Angelchat without delay of changes in his contact details. Termination or other communications shall be carried out via ‘Contact Angelchat’ in the app menu.




The message shall be deemed to have been received by the recipient;


(a) if sent by e-mail or sms: when the receipt has been duly confirmed;


(b) if sent by registered letter: two working days after delivery for mail delivery; or


(c) if delivered by courier: at the time of delivery.


11. Personal Information




For information on how Angelchat handles and processes the Account Holder's personal data, please refer to Angelchat's privacy policy. The privacy policy provides detailed information on Angelchat's personal data management, including clear instructions on Account Holder rights and how these rights can be exercised.


12. Other




The Account Holder may not assign the Agreement and any rights and / or obligations arising from the Agreement to another party.




Angelchat has the right to hire a subcontractor to fulfill its obligations under the Agreement.


13. Dispute




The Agreement is subject to Swedish law. Any legal disputes and proceedings will be subject to the authority of public courts, initially Stockholm's district court.

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