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People find themselves alone with their problems.

We connect them with others who've successfully dealt with the same problem.

Angelchat is a free, non-profit and anonymous peer-to-peer support app that connects people who share similar challenges.

What makes Angelchat unique?

Pers experience.png
Personal experience

Based on decades of personal experience

Thousands of experiences

Making thousands of valuable experiences available to those who struggle

Everyone can help

Everyone can offer help and turn their difficulties into assets

No stigma.png
No stigma

No stigma, no prestige, no surface


Who are we?

The founders of Angelchat are Johan, Karolina and Staffan, senior digital entrepreneurs from Stockholm, Sweden. Sweden is one of the most developed welfare countries in the world, where everyone is taken care of and families are granted 480 days of paid parental leave per child. Despite this impressive system, many people still suffer from mental health problems. Based on their personal experiences, Angelchat's founders have learned the hard way that people are not equipped to handle difficult emotional challenges alone.
Matching and connecting people who can help each other find hope and purpose is our mission. 20 years as a P2P mentor.


Founder & CEO

20 years as a P2P mentor.


+20 years as CEO, board member, entrepreneur and business developer.

Experience from startups and scaleups.


Karolina (kopia).jpeg


Founder & CXO

Experience in mental health related to ADHD.


15 years as a brand and communication expert. CMO in family-owned business.



Founder & COO

Co-founder NYX Gaming Gr, expanded to 30+ markets.


3 IPOs on Nordic and North American stock exchanges. Strategic entrepreneur with a focus on business excellence.

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