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How do I cancel my account?
On iPhone simply head to the bottom of the menu and delete your account. On Android, please send our support a message and they will delete it for you. E-mails from Angelchat are cancelled by unsubscribing at the bottom of an e-mail. Premium is terminated on App Store (your image and then subscriptions) or Google Play.
Can I lock the app for other users?
Yes, you can. On an iPhone go to Settings/Screen time and set a code for screen time. Tap App Limits, tap Add Limit and enter your code, tap Social select Angelchat and set a limit on e.g. 1 minute. Now, you’ll need to enter the pin each time you open Angelchat. On an Android phone we recommend that you install an app from SuperTools called AppLock, which allows you to set passwords on specific apps in your phone.
Can I hide previews in notifications?
Yes, you can. On an iPhone you can hide preview in Settings/Notifications/Angelchat/Preview. Set on Never if you don’t want the notification to show a preview. It will only read Notification and you have to click to read it. On an Android you go to Settings/Apps & Notifications/Notifications on the lock screen and select “Hide sensitive content”.
How do I configure notifications?
On an iPhone, you can easily set notifications in the menu on the left. We recommend that you always allow them so you don’t miss important messages. If you have an Android phone, do this: (1) hold the app icon until a list appears, (2) press app info, (3) check that notifications are allowed. Reinstall the app if it doesn’t work.
How do I edit my profile?
To edit your matching profile tap Build Match or Connect Now to activate or deactivate the things you want to change. Bio, avatar and username can be edited in the menu to the left.
What if a category is missing?
If you miss a category that you’d like us to include on Angelchat, please drop us a line on
What if I don’t like the angel?
If, for some reason, you don’t feel comfortable with the angel, you can easily disconnect or report the user by clicking on the angel’s avatar. Then select a new angel by tapping Build Match or Connect Now. However, keep in mind that it’s another human being on the other end, who could be worth a second chance if you’re patient enough to try…but then again, you won’t match with everyone.
What if the angel I’ve chosen doesn’t respond?
If you don’t get an answer quickly enough the angel might be unavailable. In this case you can select another angel by tapping Build Match or Connect Now. In case a chat remains inactive you can remove it by clicking the angel’s avatar within the chat.
How do I know the angel is serious?
Since we only associate women with women and men with men, women don’t have to worry about trolls and men with dubious intentions, and men don’t have to question their motives. Our team reviews and approves all angels so that we are sure that the person is who they claim to be. For this purpose we use both automated digital tools and manual assessment.
How is my anonymity protected?
As long as you don’t reveal your identity to another user, you are completely anonymous. For your safety, we recommend that you stick to your anonymity. You choose an anonymous username and avatar yourself. Angelchat uses tools such as Facebook, Google and Apple to verify your identity and to ensure there’s only one person behind each profile. However, no data is shared with other users and nothing is ever posted on Facebook.
Can I both offer and seek help?
Yes you can. It could be a scenario where, for example, you’ve managed to combat addiction but still suffer from stress. If so, click Build Match or Connect Now again, this time to seek help for stress in case you’re already providing support for addiction.
Who can serve as angel?
Anyone with empathy and the right mindset, who’s over 18 years old and has experience from some form of mental health issues, addiction or cognitive diagnosis can support others as angel on Angelchat. You don’t have to hold a degree in Psychology to familiarize yourself with another person and provide support away from loneliness. In fact, the best help usually comes from someone who really understands through their own experience. As a rule, we recommend that Angels are stable and strong enough to offer support.
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